Security Guard

How do you know if you can trust your security guard?

There have been many reports of security companies being infiltrated by criminals and gangs. Insider tips from guards are being passed to outside people who then use the information to plan break-ins and robberies.

So how do you know if you can trust the security company that you are using? Or even more pertinent: How do you know that you can trust the individual guard that has been placed at your location?

  • Check if the security company you are employing is registered with all relevant government departments, and request that they provide you with proof of such registration.
  • Security checks should be undertaken on security guards when they are employed, and the client has the right to such info when requested.
  • If a lie detector test is necessary, request that the test is conducted with questions set by yourself so you can be sure of the results for the guard on your premises.

Technology has provided an opportunity to measure and control the behavior of guards, thus ensuring that the client is properly serviced and protected. Here is how we do it at High Protection Security:

  • The system is being run 24/7 and ensures that our guards never leave the field of duty.
  • We manage and supply daily reports of the movement of our guards via email reports and alerts.
  • We supply analytical playback analysis for clients, so they can review the exact movement of our guards throughout the guarding period.
  • All our guards have been through a stringent test process to test their abilities and check their background activities.

Legislation is in the pipeline which will limit the number of guns and bullets carried by guards, forcing security companies to use more information technology. It is therefore essential that your guarding service is compliant already now.